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Katie Jane Scented Candle Diffuser Refill 200 ml - Signature Range

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Luxury Scented Diffuser Refill 100 ml 

Available in the following fragrances for your Luxury Scented Diffuser;

  • Antique Sandalwood - Woody, musky masculine aroma
  • Lime & Black Pepper - Sharp citrus with a peppery finish
  • Dark Amber - Calming & warm with a hint of exotic spice
  • Mimosa & Mandarin - Sweet fresh blend of juicy Mandarin Orange & fragrant Mimosa flowers
  • Mediterranean Fig - Sun ripened & juicy yet earthly scent with a floral backdrop
  • Grapefruit & Jasmine - Revitalising fresh fruitiness combined with soothing Jasmine flowers

Last up to  8 weeks
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